Association Dues

Association Dues are billed annually on August 1 of any given year.  The current Association Dues for the Aug 1 2020 – July 31, 2021 fiscal period are $300 per parcel.

Online Credit Card Payments

The BDRPOA Board of Directors have approved accepting payment of annual dues, late fees, assessments, and fines by credit card as an option to members. Making payments by credit card comes with additional cost to the payer. If you prefer to pay by credit card, please note the following before you proceed:

*There is a 3.1% convenience fee that will be added to your net payment amount.
*The link below will direct you to a secure payment site.
*On the first screen, insert the net amount due in the “Price per item” box. Select Continue.
*The payment information page will allow you to pay through PayPal (if enrolled) or by debit/credit card.
*Insert your information. and you MUST do the following

  1. Please edit your shipping address (uncheck the box) to include the Map and Lot number(s) on the street name line.
  2. Under “Shipping Method” select the down arrow and then select “Economy.” This box will show the additional (convenience fee) amount that will be added to the net amount due. If you decide not to proceed with the credit card payment, close the page or logout of PayPal.

*Complete the Contact Information and then select the “Pay Now” button.

Foreign Transactions: There is an additional fee for foreign transactions.  The property owner will be billed for the foreign transaction fee that is in addition to the standard 3.1% convenience fee.

Click Here to Pay Online



The annual dues payment form mailed to members includes a space to insert your telephone number(s) for publishing in the BDRPOA Directory of Members.  If you are paying your dues online and want your telephone number(s) published in the directory, please complete the following form and type in your telephone number(s) (i.e. Home: 123-456-7890, Mobile: 098-765-4321, etc.) in the “Your Message” box.  Thank you!

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