January 2017

Dear BDRPOA Members,

Accompanying this letter is the Association 2017 Directory.  If your phone number is not listed in the Directory and you want us to include it, you must be sure to return the permission slip annually that is included on your Association Dues Invoice.  We have to have your permission to list phone numbers.

The Ballot Propositions presented to Association Members requesting a change to the BDR Protective Covenants to ban the use of shipping/cargo containers as residences and out-buildings was successful.  In previous communication we asked property owners to let us know if they had one of these containers so they could be grandfathered in before the covenant change.  The response was minimal.  If you have a container and did not respond, future problems for you may exist.  Our web site, www.bulldomingoranch.org, has been updated to reflect the changes in the Protective Covenants concerning these containers.

It’s worthy to note that the town of Westcliffe is also considering the ban of shipping/cargo containers in residential areas.

In past reports we have detailed our efforts to eradicate Prairie Dog colonies on the ranch.  While somewhat successful, this task has proven to be too much for the Board members handling this project.  The Board of Directors has voted to return this responsibility back to the property owners.  To review:  Prairie Dogs damage and devalue the land, cannot be contained, injure livestock and can carry disease that can be transferred to domestic pets and animals.  If your property is infested with these critters, Board members Jae Pak or Judy Anderson can advise you as to what they have done and what seemed to be successful. Our website also has links to inform you about Prairie Dogs and their eradication.  Most important is the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s site with rules and regulations.

Finally, the time will come quickly for our annual meeting and board member election.  Should you have a desire to serve as a board member, please contact Ron Newman, Nominating Committee Chairman.

Best Regards from your Board of Directors,

Ron Newman – President