Welcome to Bull Domingo Ranch

Bull Domingo Ranch is a premier subdivision in the Wet Mountain Valley of Custer County, Colorado. The ranch encompasses approximately 14,000 acres. There are currently 373 parcels of 35 acres or more. Whether you are a current homeowner, looking for information about our spacious homesteads, or just looking, welcome!

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Ready, Set, Go!  (Preparation for Wildland Fire/Custer County Emergency Management)

Custer County Open Fire/Burn Ordinance 15-2

Custer County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Information for prospective property/home owners (Custer County Homeowner’s Packet “Getting Started”)

The BDRPOA By-Laws have been amended (updated 03-26-2018).  Link to the current By-Laws

Thank you, Bonnie!
We would like to thank another Board Member who recently resigned. Bonnie Elkins has moved back to Nebraska to be closer with her family. She stated “We left Westcliffe with heavy hearts and hate to leave all our friends and the weather!” Bonnie has served on the Board since 2011, and she was elected as the Vice-President, worked on acquiring advertisers for our Directory, and secured place for our bi-monthly meetings. We will miss her as a friend and a valuable member of our Board. We wish Bonnie and Roland many happy trails!

If you are interested in serving on the BDRPOA Board, please contact Ron Newman, President, at 783-0652.  Thank you!

Thank you, Judy!
Judy Anderson has recently stepped down from the BDRPOA Board, and we would like to acknowledge and thank Judy for the many years she has volunteered her services to our community. Judy has been a member of the Board, on and off, since 2004. She served as the Secretary and on the Grazing and Annual Christmas Party committees. Her goal on the Board was to help improve the Ranch. Judy, mission accomplished! We will miss her, but the good news is that Judy will continue to be the liaison with our grazing contractor and coordinating the Christmas Party.


Letters to the Members

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